Observations from an airport/airplane

1. Somebody (usually a smaller person) always has to try to stuff an overpacked bag into the bin right above me. 
2. The guy sitting behind me hit the flight attendant button three times before realizing that it wasn't the reading light button. He apologized two of those times.
3. What exactly is a "cross check?" Anyway, it's complete.
4. I swear, the flight attendant just announced that our second officer is "Captain Kirk." I may have to do a cross check.
5. Apparently, the passengers in first class "have access to omelettes." (Note: My daughter heard this as "outlets.")
6. While standing in a boarding line at the Houston airport, I met Miss Teen Middle or Northwest or Something California, complete with sash, bleached blonde hair and French nails (but sans tiara). She turned to her mom and asked, "If the plane goes down, what happens to my pageant dress?"
7. An older (60ish) couple next to me was calling each other "baby" at the beginning of the flight and fighting over crackers at the end.
8. Thanks to selfie sticks, I am now in two families' "on the plane" photos.

9. I really miss not ordering anything from that in-flight catalog.

10. Black socks with sandals. Three rows in front of me.

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