Observations ... while my son learns to drive

1. I just heard a song that I cruised to in high school: "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me." Mixed feelings!

2. Why does McDonald's need a 24-hour drive-thru? Does the food taste any better at 1 a.m.?
3. We just learned about driving between pylons with a drop-off on the right. Whew!
4. We discuss politics in Seinfeld terms: “Who’s he (Kramer) running against?” “Common sense and a guy in a wheelchair.”

5. Apparently, the doggie park is the hottest social gathering place.
6. I am behind, 6-9, in the Spot the Cube game.

7. There are A LOT of nail salons in Edmond.
8. I will not buy food from any place whose name ends in “Express.”

9. My son is easily distracted by young female joggers.
10. Wow! Deer Creek is inhabited.
11. I’ve got to teach him how to roll a stop sign.

12. There really are people who have no idea that their blinkers are still on.

13. My teenager is driving 60 mph! Aaagh!

14. I guess a person could actually survive on roadkill alone.

15. “Your Song” still sounds amazing on the radio. Sigh.
16. Texans are obnoxious road hogs.
17.  Merge, for GOODNESS SAKES!
18.  My son: “I didn’t hear any screams or crunches, so I guess we’re OK.”
19.  I’m not sure where we are, but there are more cows than people.
20.  Hey look! I can see Guthrie from my window!
21.  Delilah (Magic 104) never selects the most appropriate song for her callers.

22.  A LOT of sprinklers are aimed at the sidewalks.

23.  All police officers look twice at red cars.

24.  About 99 percent of grown men should wear shirts while mowing the lawn.
25.  No one should drive a Cube. No one.
26.  If you can’t see at night, you probably shouldn’t be driving after 9 pm.

27.  I am not impressed by big trucks on souped-up wheels.

28.  My sudden outburst about a particular car that I liked was startling to the driver.

29.  Who knew so many people ate Mexican food at this time of night?

30.  I control the radio.
31.  Him: “Glenn Beck is epic.” Me: “We need to talk, seriously.”
32.  “I thought you’d driven on the Hefner Parkway before?!” Him: “Um, no!!!”
33.  From the backseat: “He drives like a maniac!” (Ask her what she really said.)
34.  Have Cubes taken over the world?!!
35.  My needs: a brake on the passenger side, relaxation techniques, Tylenol, sleep. ZZZ.

(Summer 2011, somewhere in Oklahoma)