Me Without You

I'm staring out a hotel window
Skyscraper sky, but this kind of quiet is loud
There's just no other way to tell you
I can't sleep because I miss you so.

Our words mingled just like old friends
And then one cup of coffee turned into late lunch
Somehow it always comes back to this
Through all the storms, love most definitely wins.

Saturday mornings and somehow we knew
The real thing builds slowly, a few words at a time
You said it, and now I believe it
Life will happen, but God will get us through.

Just over a year ago, there you were
Standing on the sidewalk in worn cowboy boots
While I was confused by the darkness
Heading in the wrong direction.
Tonight I'm sitting here alone
And I can hardly believe it's true
But I can't imagine a future 
Of me without you.

Cold Monday evening, two cups of tea
We talk until I'm slumping over in my chair
I see the goodnight in your warm blue eyes
When you are smiling back at me.

It sounds like the thunder is taking over tonight
As the windows brace against the slamming rain
But peace has replaced my fear and pain
Now that everything feels so right.

   Best for Me

I woke up this morning without you
My heart was soft
And my mind was cold
But I know it was best for me.

I got up this morning, saw your words
Thought your smile was close
But memories grow old
And I know it was best for me.

You'll go on like before
You'll find another one before I close the door
And I'll cry until I can't anymore
Then I'll get back up
And mark it down as experience
Another entry
In my diary.

I took time this morning, prayed for you
A sad little boy
Who thinks he can't love
But I did what was best for me.

Drank coffee this morning, alone again
The TV that's still on
Is poor company
But this is what's best for me.

Sweet Days

Sweet days
I hold them close because I want to hold them forever.
Sweet ways
You touch my heart everytime
That smile slips off the side of your lips.

I watch you grow, and it’s as bitter as it is sweet.
Because I know your mind is growing as fast as your feet.
I touch your hand, and it looks so small to me.
And yet it’s twice as big as it used to be.

Sweet days
I love to hear you laugh
I close the sound up inside of me.
Sweet ways
You sing every song that you know
And it’s such a precious melody.

I watch you grow, and it’s as bitter as it is sweet
And I pray that your soul is growing as fast as your feet.
I look in your eyes and they’re as blue as the sea.
It fills me up to have them look back at me.

Game's Over

The noises fade
Your team walks away
Now what am I going to say?
To keep you from falling down
When I’m already there myself?

“It’s not so bad;
It doesn’t matter”
But words will only make you sadder
And they can’t contain the tears
When you’re on the floor alone.

Early next morning
And your smile’s the same
Another chance; another game
I realize that at moment
I’m the only one in pain.

Spring is Coming

A cold December day
I put down the phone and slowly turned away
From the window.
The skies are gray now
And I shiver in my boots
But I know Spring is coming.

We said goodbye quickly
It's the best way for you and I to be
When it's freezing.
I feel broken now
And I don't know who I am
But I know Spring is coming.

The ending turned so dark
I lost hope and threw away my heart
Forgot my senses.
I start over now
I don't have all the answers
But I know Spring is coming.

I have no regrets at all
As I hang a painting of a heart on the wall
Above my bed.
The light seems dim now
And I can't see far ahead
But I know Spring is coming.


I heard your voice and my heart
Felt just like it did when
We were us.

You hung up the phone and I
Tried not to change my mind
About us.

I felt no anger but it
Hurts when I start to think
About us.

We broke up months ago but I
Wanted to hold on to
Times of us.

I clung to the feelings we
Had shared together
And were us.

I’m sorry I can’t be the
Person that you wanted –
Part of us.