Spontaneous adventure advice

1. Test drive a car that you can't afford.
2. Go through a drive-through just to say “have a nice day.
3. Order a Sonic drink 5 minutes BEFORE happy hour.

4. Add extra whip to your mocha. (Do it!!)

5. Drizzle chocolate syrup on ... well, anything you've got in the fridge and then look up and say, “what?!” to anyone who notices.
6. Supersize it! 
7. Watch your favorite TV show ... at 2 a.m.

8. Smile sweetly at someone who is not being nice to you.

9. DON'T clean that closet.

10. Bake a cupcake (one).
11. Go into a bank (that isn't yours) on Freebie Friday and get a hot dog or bag of popcorn.

12. Watch a football game for the sole purpose of cheering against the team you hate. (ummmm LSU, for example)
13. Lick the glaze off a muffin or the icing off a cupcake and then put it back on the plate. 
14. Drive the long way home so you can finish listening to a song on the radio (even if you already own the song)
15. Try some type of Fair food that you haven't tried before. (Chocolate-covered bacon, anyone?)
16. Order extra cheese.

17. Take an early-morning walk in light rain.

18. Reply to Cox Communications' customer service poll. (Do they REALLY want to know?)

19. Spend an entire day discussing only college football with anyone who talks to you.

20. Ignore all phone calls for one day.
21. Sit in Barnes & Noble and read an entire book.

22. Go play with the iPad 2 at Best Buy or Sam's.

23. Order a second $4 cup of coffee (make mine a skinny latte).

24. Smile brightly at someone who looks particularly cranky.

25. Spend at least an hour on the phone talking about ... nothing that will actually alter the universe.
26. Play Farkle (what do you mean you've never played it?!) for at least 4 hours with a group of preteens and teens. Note: This one may require Valium for the adults.

27. Get into a lively discussion with a total stranger about Sooners vs. Cowboys. Then smile sweetly and tell him your Razorbacks could whip either team. :)
28. Let a salesperson follow you around a furniture store while you try out ALL the recliners.

29. Look for spelling errors on the shelf signs at Lowe's (or Sam's or Wal-Mart).

30. Refuse to wear shoes for a 24-hour period.
31. Grab about a million paint samples from Lowe's and take them home. Don't worry, you'll figure out something to do with them.
32. Make a Sonic run at 11 p.m. and get a toasted cheese sandwich and tater tots. This should occur approximately 3 hours after your previous Sonic run.
33. Spend an hour in a thrift store (people watching, of course) and buy something awesome for $1.08. :)
34. Choose a word (Utica, for example) and use it in place of other words. Try it for every one of the eight parts of speech. As a verb, for example: “We are no longer allowed to utica in public.” As a noun: “You really should keep your utica to yourself.” Use your word when placing your order in a restaurant or talking to someone who works for Cox or Verizon.

35. While in the car with your pre-teen & teen, sing loudly any Journey song.

36. Randomly, and without warning, change a conversation topic.
37. Pretend Monday is actually Friday. Sit down in front of Netflix!
38. Spend an entire day answering all questions with “sure, why not?”
39. After dark: Turn up the heat and leave the top down on the Mini Cooper.

40. Go by Vintage Timeless Coffee for a Tuxedo at 8:30 a.m. and swing back by at 10:30 a.m. for a Love Berry.
41. Don't wait in line! Use the men's restroom.
42. Eat fried cheddar jalapeno poppers at midnight.
43. Paint each toenail a different color.
44. Send the doctor a bill for making you wait an hour for your appointment.

45. When it's 75 degrees, sit outside at Panera Bread and drink unsweetened tea for ... about 3 hours.
46. Order a Sonic drink you've never even considered before.

47. Go to Pop's on $2 burger night!
48. Make your kids listen to YOUR music in your car.
49. For one day, put Cool Whip (Cool Wheep, if you watch “Family Guy”) on everything you eat.

50. Turn up “Crazy Train” so loud that the neighbors close their windows. :)

51. Watch “Breakfast at Tiffany's” ... again.

52. Read “Jailbird Magazine” and look for people you know ... or might want to know.
53. Visit the brightest store in Penn Square Mall. (Yes, the one with the Apple.)
54. Sit somewhere noisy and write and write and write. If you're not a writer, people-watch and send me your character ideas. :)

55. Try on a size too big for you and then say sweetly, “I need a smaller size, please.” (Thanks, daughter.)

56. Seriously, do NOT ignore your need for chocolate. Go to Vintage and get a large Tuxedo (with whip of course).

57. Call Cox just to say, “Hey, remember me?"”
58. What do you mean you haven't been to Half Price Books yet?! Go!
59. Set up an office in the furniture department of Office Depot. Take calls, make appointments and look important. (Thanks to my kids, who have done this for years!)
60. Call a utility company (oh, just call Cox) and when you finally get a real person on the line, put him/her on hold and make him/her listen to YOUR music. AC/DC is a good choice.

61. Treat “yoself”! Just like on “Parks & Recreation.” (If you haven't seen this show, treat yourself to it on Thursday nights.)

62. Spend two days reading a really great book. DO NOT put it down for any reason.

63. Enjoy a fried food day. Everything you consume that day must be fried. (Can they fry coffee?) This would be very easy to do at the fair.
64. For one day, respond to everything everyone says to you with a quote from Seinfeld: “These pretzels are makin' me thirsty!” works for many conversations.

65. You mean you haven't had a “talk like William Shatner” Day yet?

66. Answer all the questions in one of those annoying phone surveys. Put the person on speaker phone and let the kids chime in. (Talking like a pirate adds to the fun.)
67. Go by Baskin Robbins and ask for samples of at least 10 flavors of ice cream. (Yes, they will do this!)
68. Writers, this is for you: Sit outside the coffee shop of your choice. Write a physical description of at least 10 people as they leave. (Character development!)
69. Spend a couple of hours playing with Cox's “interactive bill experience.” (Yes, that's really what they call it when you go online to pay them more money.)
70. Wear pajama pants in public. (Yes, my students wear them to class.)

71. Eat rocky road ice cream in Sunday School (yes, we did!).
72. Dance in the rain! 
73. Make fun of at least one Sooner fan today. Wooo pig sooie ...

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  1. Hello Sherri,

    I came across your blog after linking from Terry Clark's blog. I am a friend of Terry and Susan's, as I worked with Susan at KCSC and produced the radio version of "Coffee with Clark" some years ago. (Ask Terry about "Schumann" sometime.)

    Enjoyed your post above! I also read your "observations" posts, from the outlet mall and the shotgun seat with your teenage son. (I have three teenagers myself...yikes.)

    I'm sure you and I have met in the Communications Building at some point when I was full-time at KCSC (1991-2005). I'm only part-time there now, with my day job writing features for Slice Magazine. I also write fiction.

    Anyway, just a note to say I came across the blog and got a few smiles reading it.

    All the best,

    Kent Anderson